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CoronaCrush is a global community dedicated to helping Jewish singles from around the world connect virtually during Corona times and beyond.

20,000+ members in our Facebook group.

10,100+ Jewish singles in our database.

37,900+ speed dates scheduled.

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Speed Dating

Using our proprietary technology, we are able to arrange many dates over a very short period of time. Since May, we've set up over 30,000 speed dates resulting in a 18% success rate. About 50% of participants have at least 1 successful date in any given event.

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Personalized Matchmaking

Thanks to a generous donation we have hired our very first in-house matchmaker. Our matchmaker works 1-on-1 with community members to deliver them a FREE highly personalized matchmaking service.

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AI-Powered Matchmaking

We've developed an algorithm that matches individuals based on their answers to a 60 question matchmaking form. The algorithm takes into account an individuals dealbreakers, interests, values, and goals.

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