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Personality Questions
I am more drawn to places that are filled with people and excitement than quiet and intimate ones. *
I listen in a way that other people recognize that I am truly listening (e.g., maintain eye contact, ask questions, repeat to make sure I’ve understood fully). *
I am a sociable person. I must have people around me. *
I believe that family always comes first: it comes before work, school, and activities. *
Having fewer but longer-lasting friendships is what I strive for. *
My mind is more filled with thoughts about work and/or household responsibilities than ideas I’ve learned from Jewish sources. *
I am a very private person, and I am selective to whom I open up. *
When I get into arguments with friends, it is important to me to work it out before the situation escalates beyond recovery. *
I believe that you should be able to ask your partner any question. I expect absolute and total honesty in a relationship. *
I cherish friendships and keep my friends close. *
When working on a team, I have a constructive way to bring issues and problems to the surface so that they can be addressed. *
I have a synagogue in which I feel that I belong. *
My everyday speech is characterized by the use of Jewish words and phrases. *
When working on a team, I feel comfortable expressing feelings that are different from those of other members. . *
The Jewish calendar provides a rhythm to my day, week, and year. *
My Jewish values were a factor in the career I chose. *
I look forward to celebrating Shabbat dinners (Friday night Shabbos dinner). *
When working on a team, I consider it to be at least in part my responsibility to initiate team discussions on how we interact with one another. *
If I plan and schedule my week in advance, I have a strong sense of stability and control over my life. *
I flexibly reassess actions and/or goals when that is necessary. *
I enjoy extended conversations about thoughts, values, or ideas. *
I believe that sometimes the unplanned parts of life become the greatest moments. *
I prefer to be constantly active (for example, spending a lot of time eating long dinners gets in the way). *
I easily establish rapport with people whose backgrounds differ from my own. *
I am fun and adventurous, and I enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences (including traveling). *
I will step in if I see somebody being treated unfairly.. *
I am the type that would run in the middle of the night to help another in distress. *
I feel comfortable sharing even the parts of me that are not pretty. *
I take care of my body so that I can look and feel good. *
When working on a team, I consider it to be at least in part my responsibility to encourage quieter team members to speak up. *
I strive to make those around me feel loved. *
If I am by myself on the weekend with no plans and my friends call, I often am excited to go out with little notice. *
When things go wrong, I tell at least one person in my life about it. *
I often prefer to spend time alone. *
I can handle a crisis in a relationship as an equal partner, and not deal with the crisis only through appeasement and placating. *
When working on a team, I give feedback in a neutral, nonjudgmental way even if we are very pressured to complete a task. *
I am taking action in the here-and-now to achieve my goals for the future. *
Thinking about the future I want makes me do more now to get that future (e.g., more education, practicing skills I’ll need in the future). *
I work hard to achieve a sense of security and stability. *
At this point in my life, I am ready to marry and settle down. *
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